Our Environmental Commitment

Chanticleer was the first hosting company in Ontario to run entirely on Green power.

  • In April 2003, Chanticleer Complete Internet paid for the production of 3000 Kilowatt hours of clean wind energy. This purchase meant that both of Chanticleer’s offices and all its web servers (including all our client’s websites and emails we hosted) were powered by wind energy for one full year.
  • In that first year alone, our purchase of wind energy displaced 2670 kg of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas that causes climate change, along with other pollutants.
  • Today, Chanticleer purchases 730 Kilowatt hours of 100% green electricity every month!
  • The power is sourced from clean EcoLogo-certified sources including low-impact wind and low-impact hydro.
  • Our annual purchase of clean, renewable sources has the following benefits:
    • lowers our annual emissions footprint
    • help fight climate change and air pollution
    • helps fund new green energy projects (like solar on schools)


Chanticleer Complete Internet Inc